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The story of the corset swimsuit

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The story of the Sahra Nko corset swimsuit

“I chose this name because it is different from what we can find on the market.” 
Let’s find out more on the origin of the corset swimsuit, a timeless sculpting creation born out of Sahra Nko's idea.

The designer

Sahra is the designer and founder of the brand. She was born and grew up in the North of France.
From her very young age, she has been passionate of pin-ups and their corsets, so in 2015, she decided to launch an e-commerce business to offer women shapewear. 
She was successful to the point that the Elle magazine dedicated her an article in December 2015. 
This appeared to Sahra as a revelation who started to think on a grand scale. 
At first, she aimed at designing her own shapewear brand.
But summer was coming, and many clients asked her the same question:
“Is it possible to wear it on the beach and bathe with it?” 
Unfortunately, the materials of the shapewear weren’t suitable for bathing. 

The birth of the corset swimsuit by Sahra

Hence, Sahra started to consider designing another model that would meet her clients’ needs.
Little by little, she thought of the corset swimsuit, and it took shape, as if it was self-evident. 
To design a swimsuit with a girdle that does not constrict their body, so that women who wear it feel comfortable and at ease
Using the money she had saved, she moved to Italy.
It was the beginning of a new adventure, steeped in emotions, in the Dolce Vita country.
After 3 years of testing, investment and dedication, the corset swimsuit was finally born!

Handmade and unique pieces

Sahra's creation process finds its inspiration in many sources. 
Mainly, her fascination for the feminine curves and her passion for the Hollywood movie stars of the 50s.
This stylist always aimed at designing timeless and elegant pieces
All swimsuits are handmade, in an Italian workshop specialized in corsetry.
The craftsperson carefully do each step of the fabrication process, and it shows in each piece.
As a result, each corset swimsuit is unique, and made of high quality fabrics.
Sahra.Nko is a blend of authenticity and style, encouraging women to make their minds free to imagine swimwear beyond the beach. 
Revealing with elegance, suggesting with delicacy: these are the secrets to a refined and sensual look.  

Sahra.Nko, a celebration for all women

Every women deserves to be authentic.
Sahra.Nko is meant for all women. 
For women who embrace their curves, but who don’t know how to enhance them.
For women who like to be admired. 
For shy and discreet women who have an inner spark that simply needs to come out.
For the romantics.
For today's pin ups.
For the coquettes.
For women who love their femininity and finally dare showing it. 
For those who don’t take themselves too seriously and dare go off the beaten track. 
When we wear a piece of clothing that enhances us, then a feeling of power arises.
As women, we know this feeling very well: it's a celebration, a desire to conquer the world.
At Sahra.Nko, we offer you the greatest gift of all: to dare to be feminine and seductive.

My mission.

“I’m myself a curvy woman, so I wanted to design pieces of clothes for women like me.”
I realized that my mission is to help women all over the world embrace their luscious figure, so that they can become a glamorous inspiration. 
A woman who fully embraces herself glows with a beauty and confidence that expands around her like ocean waves.
We are all sensual and unique. Once we truly embody this reality, our perception of ourselves and our bodies changes forever.
Glamour is a subtle blend of elegance and sensuality. 
The key to authentic elegance lies in a perfect balance of sophistication, refinement and finesse.


Sahra Nko's future.

Today, we are working to make a name for ourselves in the ready-to-wear universe.
How do we achieve this in concrete terms?

  • We launch two new collections each year;
  • We hire new talents;
  • We develop the brand on an international scale.

Our goal is to allow women all over the world to feel sensual and confident at the beach and elsewhere. 

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