Sahra.Nko's logo and its blue box

boite bleue sahra nko
At Sahra.Nko, our artisanal brand of shaping swimsuits, every detail matters as it is one of our most important values.
Hence, when ordering one of our corset swimsuits, you will receive it in its beautiful matching box: the blue box.
We selected a packaging that reflects the brand. It was out of the question to offer you a usual or ordinary packaging.
The Sahra.Nko blue box with its silver logo will charm you with its sober and refined elegance.
As you have shared with us your surprise regarding the meaning of its color, as well as the meaning of the Sahra.Nko logo, let us tell you about it! 

The Sahra.Nko blue box: a handcrafted packaging made in Italy

Just as our shaping swimsuits, the blue box is made of recycled materials.
All boxes are made by Italian artisans in a family-run workshop in Milan which has been producing for 70 years.
The box is meant to be useful as a storage box for your lingerie or whatever you prefer: be creative. 
It will look great on your commode or on a shelf, to please your eyes.
The thick and elaborate paper recalls the mesh of a fabric, in a pretty metallic royal blue.
Behind the choice of the color, 3 main significations are evoked by this particular nuance: femininity, the sea, and power
(Photo at the workshop where the boxes are made)

usine de boite milan sahra nko

The meaning of the blue color: water & feminine energy

Blue is often associated with the sky and the sea, two boundless spaces that invite the eyes to find peace, relaxation, joy and serenity.
Yet, did you know that, precisely because it reminds us of the color of water, blue is also related to feminine energy
Indeed, unlike popular belief, the ultimate feminine color is not pink, it is blue.
This goes back to ancient cultures connected to nature, and where water represented the emotions and the feminine universe
Blue stands for the deepest part of our being connected to the night, to intuition, to introspection, to perspicacity, governed by the Moon and its cyclic laws. 
femme vetue de bleu lapis lazuli

Royal blue and power

Yet, for ages and ages, this color was rarely considered and rarely used, except by the Egyptians
Part of the reason for the rare use of blue among ancient peoples was economic, as it was not an easy color to produce, which means it was expensive.
Indeed, the color was created by mixing lapis lazuli with other blue, light blue and white pigments.
Only in the 12th century was this color rehabilitated and given a privileged place, which is still the case today.
Originally, it was the main color of the uniform of the French Guards regiment that was created in 1563 to protect the king.
Later, it was extended to the National Guard. 
"Having blue blood" dates back to the 18th century, a period in which this color was officially the symbol of aristocracy and nobility. 
This image represents Christine de Pizan who is considered to be the first woman of letters in the French language who lived from her pen. She was the first independent and feminist woman in medieval history. The blue dress shows that she had an important place in society

copie de definitif 4

The origin and meaning of Sahra.Nko’s logo

And what about Sahra.Nko's logo
As a child, accepting our physical characteristics or embracing the name that was given to us isn't necessarily easy. 
I am no exception.
When I was a little girl, I struggled with my name and my curvy body shape.
With time, I reconciled with my feminine image and its manifestations, and I resolved to turn my weak points into real assets.
That's why I chose my name and body to incarnate my fashion brand.
The logo represents an 8 female silhouette. Not only does it evoke my morphology, it also matches the first letter of my first name S, mirrored.
Finally, many of you have asked me how my name "Nko" should be pronounced.
Well, Nko is pronounced "Eneko".
Now I guess you know everything!

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