Made in Italy: why do we choose to produce our swimsuits in Italy?

Made in Italy is not just a label, it is first and foremost a philosophy, a culture, a history.
To choose a certified Italian product is to choose a unique item with the highest standards of excellence.
In the first place, an Italian product is made by people who work in Italy all along the production line, and who are paid a proper wage.
Secondly, products made in Italy are much more reliable since Italy has the strictest and most rigorous control system in the world throughout the production line. 

50 prototypes, 3000 hours of work, and 3 years of anticipation.

The corset swimsuit is the result of 3,000 hours of dedicated craftsmanship.Every thread, every stitch has been meticulously designed to enhance your natural assets and provide unwavering confidence on the beach.

We have conducted countless tests with a variety of fabrics and materials to achieve the excellence you deserve. Our bold vision is to celebrate your femininity in a one-of-a-kind swimsuit.

The corset swimsuit has embarked on a captivating journey of 50 prototypes. Overcoming challenges hasn't been easy, but our pursuit of perfection led us to bring together the skills of the most talented artisans and superior quality materials. The result? Flawless integration of the corset and swimsuit fabric, creating an uncompromising style.

It is the culmination of three long years of dedication, passion, and collaboration with the finest Italian materials and craftsmen. It is an enchanting fusion of elegance and durability

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Sahra.Nko’s challenge: to combine beauty and quality

From the very beginning of our journey, we set ourselves the challenge to reconcile beauty with quality.

We aimed at creating a sculpting swimsuit that would enhance your shape and make you feel glamorous and feminine, while providing you with a superior quality product. 

It took us three years of research to discover the rare gem, but it paid off!

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Artisanal manufacturing made in Italy

It was only natural that we chose to work closely with a workshop located in Italy to produce our sculpting swimsuits
These artisans have been working for generations in the corsetry industry and they have brilliantly taken up the challenge of manufacturing a body-sculpting swimsuit.
Sahra.Nko is a slow fashion brand, which means that we value quality over quantity.
For this reason, each model is available in limited quantities, as opposed to an industrial production line.  
This is just one of the aspects that make our swimsuits unique.

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ECONYL® eco-sustainable fabric

Choosing the fabric for our sculpting swimsuit was another major challenge.
Indeed, their uniqueness require a rather thick fabric, yet flexible and comfortable, that can dry quickly enough. 
Since at Sahra.nko we don't like to do things by halves, we added the cherry on top of the cake that is our absolute commitment to the environment, something that we refused to neglect.
Again, we couldn't have looked for any better: a textile company that has been in business since 1962 and has the exclusive rights to ECONYL® thread in the swimwear industry.
What exactly is ECONYL® thread?
It is a 100% nylon or "polyamide" thread, recycled from pre and post-consumer waste such as fishing nets, carpet pieces, rigid tulle, etc.  
All these materials have now come to the end of their useful life and, instead of being thrown away, they are collected and regenerated through a complex process of decomposition.
ECONYL® has the same performance and quality properties as standard polyamide, the only difference being that it is recycled.
Since 2016, this Italian company has been supporting an initiative that is dedicated to cleaning the world's oceans of marine pollution.

Shaping swimsuit: fastenings, whalebones, clips and press studs

By Made in Italy, we mean Made in Italy from A to Z!
All the components of our sculpting swimsuits are made in Italy, and we rely on other artisanal companies for the production of all the non-fabric components.
The fastenings of the swimsuit are stainless steel, produced in a family workshop that has existed since the 1950s in the wonderful land of Puglia, the heel of the boot.
It is an eco-responsible factory that works with some of the biggest brands in the fashion industry, and whose motto is craftsmanship and technology. 
The whalebones of the sculpting swimsuit are manufactured in a family factory near Milan, specialized in the bustier whalebones since 1950.
Our whalebones are made with memory foam to ensure maximum support and comfort. This has nothing in common with the old corsets, which were never very pleasant to wear!
Last but not least, the clips and press studs are made in a workshop near Switzerland, which has been working since the last century.
The workshop is certified OEKO-TEX® 100, guaranteeing zero harmful substances to health.


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