We offer you our know-how to create a unique swimsuit

Our shaping swimsuit is a unique piece that fulfills the excellence criteria of an artisanal fabrication. 
A high quality material, a timeless cut, and fine details.
We have thought of it as the perfect ally that will enhance your curves with elegance, while offering you comfort in every way.

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The designer’s inspiration

I draw my inspiration from women I admire.
While they are all different, they share an asserted femininity, natural curves and a sense of sensuality that never turns vulgar.
When I sketch my pieces, I always like to imagine how they would adopt my creations, adding their own particularity and uniqueness, to create an authentic beauty. 

The know-how of the Made in Italy excellence

Italian items are renowned for their high quality materials, their refined style, their innovation, their particular attention to detail and their ability to resist the test of time. 
We say "Made in Italy" to honor these qualities, indicating the Italian origin of an industrial or artisanal product. 
Italian craft is rooted in the Middle Ages. Since then, it is marked by a legacy of manual know-how handed down from generation to generation. 
Italian craftsmen's ingenuity, dexterity and creativity simply cannot be replaced by any machine. 
For this reason, they are an extremely valuable tradition and we have decided to manufacture each and every element of our swimwear in several Italian workshops.
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Sahra.nko's commitments

  • Made in Italy 

“Made in Italy” is a byword for tradition, research, refinement, passion and reliability. 
The thorough research of raw materials allows us to create state-of-the-art items and to establish trends, while valorizing tradition as well as progress.
The artisans we have decided to work with cherish their work.
We believe that only people who are passionate about their art can express their talent and develop their creativity. 

  • Ethical and responsible 

We embrace the values of Slow Fashion, an initiative that encourages a sustainable production model.
What does this mean concretely?
Well, we create fewer collections each year, we recycle materials, we use eco-friendly textile fibers, and we minimize the use of resources.
This approach to fashion is a pledge of quality, attentiveness to detail and ethical production, notably when it comes to the respect of human rights.

  • Timeless

The quality of our swimsuits allows them to last longer. Unlike traditional models, they wear out less rapidly, which is why they are much more reliable!
On top of that, our pieces are sleek and elegant, made to adapt to any situation and to remain fashionable over time. 

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