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An hourglass figure in the blink of an eye, thanks to the corset.

Only the corset swimsuit can slim your waistline, give you a flatter stomach, a sleeker back, and a new figure in the blink of an eye. That's what Sahra Nko promises you!

Thanks to their integrated corset, our swimsuits offer you a new silhouette, to give you that thrill, that confidence and that appealing look which enables you not to pay attention to what others think.

What they say about our swimwear...

98% of our customers are delighted with their corset swimsuit.

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femme coucher qui porte le maillot de bain corset noir une piece
femme portant un maillot de bain corset avec une ceinture
femme portant le maillot de bain corset avec un zip


"Gorgeous swimsuitIt enhances my figure and makes me feel much more confident.Sexy, without being vulgar. Can't wait to wear it at the beach. I feel perfectly comfortable thanks to the quality fabric and the perfect fit.


"I love the quality of the swimsuit. The blue box is beautiful. My favorite thing about it is that it makes my little pregnancy belly disappear. I felt so stylish and confident, and received so many compliments, that I'm not afraid to get into a swimsuit anymore. Thanks a lot!"


"Absolutely wonderful!!! Flat tummy and slim waist!!! Very happy with my purchase. It's not cheap, but how pleasant is it to finally have a swimsuit that makes me feel confident. A very useful purchase!"

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It was quite a challenge to choose the fabric for our corset swimsuit, as our designs require a thick, yet soft and comfortable fabric that dries quickly. Here again, we found the best: a textile company that started its activity in 1962 and has the exclusivity of ECONYL® yarn in the swimwear fabric sector. This 100% nylon yarn - also known as polyamide - is regenerated from pre- and post-consumer waste such as fishing nets, carpet pieces, rigid tulle, etc.  

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